Get ready for the sexiest road trip you'll ever take! That's the concept behind 3DP Fusion's newest game RoadHead! Player's start off at one of America's beautiful cities, and take a sexy, romantic road trip adventure across the United States!

How is RoadHead different from every other adult board game on the market? It is the most player friendly sex game ever invented. Finally, for the first time, players can build their own sexual fantasies which they act out if they win!
It's called the Sex Bank, and the concept is simple. Instead of the game telling you what to do, now each player can choose to build their own sexual fantasy collection to play at the end of the game. During your road trip you earn money which allows you to buy, trade, or sell, the most uniquely designed sexual positions you can ever imagine! Build a soft core fantasy for a slow romantic night or a hard core to satisfy your sexual cravings! It's all up to you!

So jump start your sexual drive as you play the next evolution of adult board games! RoadHead is available through this site or Amazon.com. Start your sexual journey today!